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+ Setup Live Spaces blog

The login username/password for VirtueSoft BlogWriter is not the web login credentials.

The username for VirtueSoft BlogWriter login is your space name, and the password required is your email publishing secret word.

Your space name is the unique name for your live space. It was set when you created your live space. E.g. if your live spaces blog address is, the space name would be testblog.

To get blogwriter work with your live spaces blog, your need to enable the ‘Email publishing’ options. Here are the detail insturctions:

1. Log in to your Live Spaces Blog
2. Go to Edit Your Space->Settings->Email Publishing
3. Turn on “Email Publishing”
4. Choose a “secret word”
5. Save the settings

The secret word required by BlogWriter login is the secret word you set on step 3.

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